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Exterior and Interior Still Images

Zenker, Austria’s premier manufacturer of high-end prefabricated homes, tasked us with creating images for the relaunch of their website and updated brand communication. Our objective was to showcase the key values that define their brand: individuality, custom-built, and high-quality.


With each house tailored to the unique character and needs of each client, we sought to reflect this individuality in our imagery. To that end, we incorporated storytelling elements, such as a car, motorcycle, or telescope, to highlight the distinct personalities of each home’s owner.


We also employed various times of day and perspectives to illustrate the versatility of Zenker homes and their custom-built nature. Whether set in a vineyard, lake, or mountainous landscape, each scene was designed to demonstrate the customizability of Zenker homes to suit any environment.


As a purveyor of premium homes, Zenker demands the highest quality in every detail, from gardens and terraces to living rooms. It was our responsibility to ensure that every aspect of our imagery met these elevated standards, truly reflecting the aspirations of the Zenker brand.