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Value One


Vienna, Austria


Exterior and Interior Still Images,


Once the historic buildings were innovative constructions, supposingly the first or at least some of the first buildings designed in steel concrete in Vienna planned by the Otto Wagner students and architects Emil Hoppe, Marcel Kammerer and Otto Schönthal. Since the 1960ies the listed grandstands two and three at the Krieau harness racing track were left to decay. Still the sulkies do their rounds but the high time of harness racinging is over. The big potential of the two grandstands was obvious but the efforts and the costs seemed also pretty high.


So it took more than 60 years for the two sleeping beauties of the Prater to be woken up. After an extensive revitalization and expansion real estate developer Value One is now using grandstand two as new company headquarters, while grandstand three is the new home of Red Bull Media House in Vienna.


OLN supported the whole process over many years with visuals for the architects,the developer, for many purposes. At the end we provided an image video and high end visuals of the whole project, the new interiors and the refurbished spaces.


It as necesssary to remodel the historic constructions. The structure has a complex interior organisationand shows and sophisticated details for example lovely brass elements in the corners of the old concrete beams. Since we were pretty close in the interior it was necesssary to remodel the historic constructions. The custom made rich and narrative interior design of dutch designer Marcel Wanders demanded also very detailed 3D work and completes the special charme.


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