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Riiil Capital


Vienna, Austria


Concept, Branding, Graphic Design,

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Exterior and Interior Still Images

Riiil Capital engaged our services to create a comprehensive marketing campaign for a luxurious housing project located in Vienna’s 19th district. Our scope of work encompassed brand conceptualization, naming and logo design, a 20-page print brochure, website design, as well as a range of interior and exterior images showcasing the project.


To capture the essence of the project and its surroundings, we developed the brand name “Rebenblick,” which translates to “Vineyard View” in English. This name pays tribute to the breathtaking view from the two penthouses and the scenic vineyards that surround the project.


The logo, a golden vine leaf paired with elegant typography, was designed to be used on a white background for the website and on a deep green background for the print brochure. The deep green color reflects the natural environment of the project, while the golden logo adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to the brand.


The housing project is located in Neustift am Walde, a picturesque Vienna neighborhood that exudes a peaceful village vibe, boasting verdant forests and lush vineyards. We recognized the importance of showcasing the natural beauty of the surroundings, and our exterior renderings artfully captured the seamless integration of the two buildings into the landscape. The result is a harmonious and tranquil living environment with breathtaking views of the vineyards and the Wienerwald forest.


As a high-end housing project, we ensured that the interior design reflected the exclusivity of the development. Our interior renderings showcased the luxurious design of the apartments, each offering a unique and elegant layout. We provided potential buyers with clear and detailed images of living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes, as well as views from the terrace and gardens. The minimalist and modern interior design, complemented by natural materials, enhances the natural surroundings, creating a seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces.


To further enhance the beauty of the “Rebenblick” housing project, we created two 30-second animated film sequences for the website. The first film highlights the sleek and modern design of the buildings, as well as the natural beauty of the surrounding vineyards and forests. The second film offers a glimpse into the luxurious interior of one of the apartments, showcasing the stunning views from the apartment and the elegant and modern interior design. The films, which were created using still images from the project, add an extra level of sophistication and beauty, providing potential buyers with a memorable and unique experience.


As part of our comprehensive service, we also designed all the necessary graphic elements for the website and brochure, including detailed area maps and floor plans for each individual apartment. This allowed potential buyers to easily visualize the layout and size of each unit and gain a clear understanding of the project’s offerings. Our focus on providing comprehensive marketing materials ensured that all essential information was readily available to interested parties, helping to increase engagement and drive interest in the project.

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