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Vienna, Austria


Interior and Exterior Still Images,


OLN was responsible for creating visual materials for the Grünblick residential project in Vienna, including still images, cover art, videos of future views, graphics for the apartment finder, and an image video.


The project, designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, consists of two multifunctional towers in the car-free Viertel Zwei neighborhood of Vienna’s second district. The towers, named “Weitblick” and “Grünblick,” have distinct appearances, with “Weitblick” featuring a slick, vertically structured facade and “Grünblick” being designed as a continuation of the surrounding nature.


OLN worked closely with the architects and sales team to develop interior designs for the 340 individual apartments in the project, taking into account the specific target groups for each flat.


Our team also created an image video featuring animated scenes of the surrounding historic buildings, rooftop urban gardening, and the lobby with a concierge and Japanese garden. Some of the standout features of the project include the community spaces on the rooftop, the pool, and the dining area with stunning views. Grünblick, which means “green view” in German, lives up to its name by offering unique, breathtaking views from its tower.