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Vienna, Austria


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Labvert’s Wavehouse, located on a lake south of Vienna, is a stunning summer residence with a dynamic roof in the shape of a wave. Our team at Office Le Nomade provided high-end architectural visualization services, producing detailed 3D models of the building that accurately conveyed its unique design. The visualization included detailed views of the exterior and interior spaces, providing a comprehensive view of the layout and structure of the Wavehouse.


The ground floor features a continuous wooden floor and expansive sliding doors that merge the indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly. A stunning staircase leading to the three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the upper floor is a central design feature. The rooms on the upper floor are built as separate volumes, with the master bedroom positioned above the garden, creating the wave-like roof structure. Concrete is the dominant material used throughout the house, and oval skylights provide a bright and open atmosphere. The basement pool also adds to the spectacular ambiance, thanks to the striking top lighting.