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Interior Design


Christine Buzzi


Vienna, Austria


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VR Tour

Designing an apartment is a creative process, we helped interior designer Christine Buzzi’s vision become reality. The rooftop apartment in Vienna’s city centre was completely remodelled, removing all existing structures creating a large open space with big industrial windows. We created visualizations which were used throughout the whole design process to demonstrate the spatial quality and use of lighting.



Considering the limited space available, interior designer Christine Buzzi removed the existing walls and windows to present her vision of the new design to her client.
From the beginning of the design process, Christine Buzzi used a series of detailed interior visualizations to present the modified spatial concept:


  • The previous windows were replaced by larger industrial windows to allow more natural light within the apartment at all times of the day.
  • The walls were removed to combine the kitchen, dining and living room into one open space.
  • The master bedroom and bathroom were rearranged into an open ensemble.


Our renderings were used during the whole design process to see the different possible combinations of how to arrange the furniture, surfaces, and colours. Last but not least, we created a set of VR panoramas of the completed and newly designed flat.


Here are our renderings which you can compare to the final results here: Christine Buzzi: Ein Lebens(t)raum mitten in der Stadt