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ATTEMSGARTEN is a large housing project currently being built at Attemsgasse 44 in the center of the 22nd district. Green is the most significant topic and was from beginning an integral quality of this complex. The property has always been green: it was an area for gardening and tree nursery and is therefore now surrounded by green. So it was only locical that green is also now needed to fit in the project well. The architects and the devellopers created a modern and green island of calm. That is why numerous plant troughs are positioned on the oversize balconies and terraces and roof gardens are created for urban gardening. A home ideal for raising a family.


First OLN supported through the design process with various visuals comparing for example variations of texture and colour, animated sun studies and may more. When it came to marketing OLN was in charge for the full roll out. We did a vast number of exterior and interior visuals which got used in web, social media and big boards for example along many subway stations.


To complete the roll out needed a full 360° Pano Tour through the housing project which allowed to go in and out and experience especially the quality of the green concept. Since the site was not in condition to be photographed and also the season didn´t fit we decided to model the whole surrounding for better integration of our project.


The production of the image video included virtual CG scenes with animated people, animated logo etc bringing the whole scenery to live and in reality filmed material as well. When filming on site and in the closer area we were stunned by the many possibilities for leisure and sports. You can litterally walk to the most beautiful areas directly on the water in 22nd district and so it was really a pleasure to shoot these idyllic scenes.

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